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About us

We are a bunch of unpaid passionate volunteers who founded this project. We believe that it’s time for Wellingtonians to work along side each other to reduce predators. And so we made a start with creating this project.


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Rosi Merz is the founder of Backyard Sanctuaries and holds a bachelor in
Ecology and Biodiversity.For the last couple of years she has been employed
as the main research assistant & fieldworker for Victoria University on a project
that is trying to develop a pheromone based super lure for possums and rats.
With many years of experience in predator monitoring and control, and pretty
much any available trap in her backyard, Rosi can help you find the right tool,
technique and bait to tackle any predator (expect for Moreporks and Falcons
of course). Rosi want’s to contribute to making NZ predator free by researching
and developing more efficient and humane tools to achieve this huge goal.



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Anni Brumby, a.k.a. the chew-card queen, is the co-leader
of Backyard Sanctuaries. New Zealand with its natural wonders
inspired Anni to realise her childhood dream of becoming
an ecologist; however, instead of cuddling kiwi, she ended up killing rats.
Currently finishing her postgraduate studies in conservation biology whilst
working for a predator control research & development company has
enabled Anni to gain both theoretical and practical knowledge in the fine
art of predator control. Anni is a passionate environmentalist, who
appreciates good coffee, interesting conversations and warm hugs.







Jessica Jenkins is a BYS project volunteer. A studentat Victoria University,
she will complete her BSc in Ecology & Biodiversity and Environmental Studies
in 2017. Intrigued by the philosophy that nature is produced through complex
relationships between humans and non humans, the essence of Backyard Sanctuaries
peaks her interest. She is passionate about working collectively to educate on and
protect our living taonga.Ma te kotahitanga e whai kaha ai tatau – In unity we have strength.





We had lot’s of other kind volunteer support us and we’d like to thank them all. A particular thanks to Toya Heatley for donating her wonderful bird an lizard photographs. Wim Gooseman for making our website for an incredibly discounted rate. Jessica Dickinson for workshop support. Lucia Zanmonti for taking free professional photographs. And Ana Frka for her support with letterbox drops and free workshop venue hire.

We always welcome people offering their voluntary time and support in any way, please contact us if you’d like to support us. This project is only possible due to volunteers.