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Backyard Sanctuaries

The project

Backyard Sanctuaries is a non-profit community project, run by volunteers, who believe that the Miramar Peninsular and Wellington could become a pest-free sanctuary for native wildlife. To achieve this we find it cruicial to include and engage private properties in mammalian predator control and restoration efforts. Thanks to the support of Department of Conservation we can give subsidies, hold workshops and provide some free equipment to make this happen. You may simply enjoy having birds and lizards around the house or you may share our vision: a predator free Miramar peninsular. Whatever your reason, letā€™s do it!

Why sign up?

Backyard Sanctuaries is for anyone who enjoys and wants to protect New Zealand's living taonga. Anyone can sign up regardless of your location or your housing situation, and it's entirely free!
Signing up means you are becoming part of a community that's willing to trap and restore your space for the native wildlife.
You can then count on us to give you all the support, ideas and equipment needed to create your own backyard sanctuary. You can do as much or as little work on your backyard as you want to, and you can stop at any point.

Scroll down and you'll find out how it works.

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Backyard Sanctuaries
Backyard SanctuariesTuesday, March 13th, 2018 at 9:46am
If you live in Newtown, Mt Cook or Berhampore then here is the community project you'll want to join. šŸ˜Š
Backyard Sanctuaries
Backyard Sanctuaries shared Predator Free New Zealand Trust's video.Wednesday, December 6th, 2017 at 7:45am
Simple as that!
Backyard Sanctuaries
Predator Free New Zealand Trust
Find out from Te Kawa what's involved in backyard trapping and get a trap delivered to your door ā€” just in time for Christmas! ā€” Products shown: Backyard trap and tunnel.
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Backyard SanctuariesTuesday, September 26th, 2017 at 9:54am
You know the drill: Count all those fat pigeons this week.
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Backyard SanctuariesWednesday, September 20th, 2017 at 10:01am
The Stoat: Incredibly cute, agile, playful and deadly.
Backyard Sanctuaries
Life - Stoat kills rabbit ten times its size - BBC One The crazy games of young stoats help them develop the killer tactics they need to catch their prey. As rabbits are fast moving, qui...
Backyard Sanctuaries
Backyard SanctuariesWednesday, September 13th, 2017 at 8:35pm
We have added a new lure to our trapping kits. Being dedicated trappers ourself we always look out for potential new lures anywhere we go. Wanna try some?
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How it works

Our project works on a reward system, where one action will lead to the next level of awesomeness. A bit like a videogame where you have to play along in order unlock the next level.

Sign up

Sign up for freeĀ and getĀ FREE ENTRANCE TO OUR WORKSHOP (worth $25).Ā  We will then notify you once the next workshop is coming up and will send you a link that allows you to sign up for free.Ā 


This 2 hour workshop will give you an excellent idea on how to tackle the pest problem. You will learn how to begin the epic adventure, where to place the traps, and tricks and tips on how to out clever the pests and how to make your backyard suitable for native birds, lizards and insects. We promise to feed you free delicious snacks and refreshments. You’ll walk off with a FREE RAT/STOAT TRAP, a FREE MOUSE TRAP, and FREE MONITORING EQUIPMENT.

Our workshops cover:

  • The problem of invasive mammalian predators in NZ
  • How to outsmart rats & other pests
  • Youā€™ll get a chance to check out different traps
  • How to minimize impact of domestic cat
  • Planting to feed birds
  • Building lizard & insect-homes
  • How to attract the birds and keep away the rats

Trapping progress

All your trapping successes or non successes can be lodged on our website (under ‘start trapping’) which only takes 40 seconds.Ā 


Our website always supplies you with FREE PLANTING GUIDES, BIRD COUNT LISTS, ADVICE andĀ many more valuable information.


If you have encouraged someone else to join and participate in workshop and they are also regularly lodging their trapping results then we will throw in another surprise for you.

For this they need to nominate you when they sign up with us, and they need to also attend the workshop and submit trapping results.


FREE BIRDFEEDERS, HIGH VISIBILITY CAT COLLARS, INSECT MOTELS Ā and other goodies are also regularly on the give away list for all dedicated individuals.


For no charge we lend out one of our two KIT-SETS OF DIFFERENT TRAPSĀ for up to 5 weeks, if you want to have a go at trying outĀ traps, baits, lures etc.

Simply click ‘contact us’Ā to email us if you want to borrow a trap kit-set. Let us know the time frame you are wanting to have it for. Kit-set’s need to be picked up and returned and include a range of 5 different traps, several lures etc.